Artemiy Bazire-Lebedev

Abstract - Conceptual Artist

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Hello! My name is Artemiy Bazire-Lebedev and I am pleased to welcome you on my page.
Your visit is very important for me because it means that you are interested in my work.
Sincerly yours, Artemy


Artemiy was born in Russia, in St. Petersburg, but began his work in France. In his works, the color and shape form a key role in the transmission of feelings, emotions and moods. Out of the chaos of color and form, he creates a world of mysteries, questions and reflections.
In his works there are recognizability individuality wich depth and strength are created by relations of color tones.The main concept lies in the fact that all works of the artist are made with just 4 colors. "Sometimes, I see or hear something that excites me and then, after some time or immediately, this image appears in my mind and does not leave as long as I transpose it to canvas. Closing my eyes, I see only four colors. There is something special in his concept , something that distinguishes Artemiy from the others - it is a little message to viewer, which can be seen only by taking one of his works in hand. It's a kind of intrigue intrigue between the author and the viewer.

Exhibitions & Awards

Artemiy began to publicly exhibit his work in 2016. in St. Petersburg in 2016 in the Exhibition Center of St. Petersburg Union of Artists

- Saint Petersburg (Exhibition Center of Union of Artists)

-Moscow ( International Center of Design ArtPlay)

-Beijing ( The exhibition hall of the Russian Cultural Center)

-Milan ( Artkultura-Milano 2016, Sporting Club Milano 2)

-Copenhagen ( Russian Exhibition Center of Science and Culture)


- Category " Abstract Art”, nomination "conceptual abstraction"

My Works

The main credo of Artemiy’s creativity is sincerity and dedication, which is his personal position, and creates its own emotional and artistic world. " I put in my work all of myself and my soul...for me is more that just a canvas. It's all a matter of inner thoughts, images, spiritual experiences and an opportunity to THINK".

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